The price of solar panels has steadily fallen over the past decade, and prices continue to drop dramatically. At the same time, the average electricity bill for most homes is climbing every month. Making the switch to solar energy can save homeowners money now and for decades to come. With incredible rebates, low installation and maintenance costs, and affordable renewable energy, solar power is a smarter choice than ever before.


Here are a few of the generous rebates and incentives that most Colorado homeowners will qualify for:

  • Federal 30% Tax Credit

  • State sales tax waiver

  • Local municipality incentives & tax rebates

  • Utility incentives

  • Net metering

Why Solar?

Roof with solar panels

The world's first nailable solar shingle is both strong and appealing. Backed by GAF, This groundbreaking tech installs a new roof and solar system with a single project.

Roof with solar panels

On average, Colorado homeowners enjoy a 15% rate of return on solar panels, making solar one of the most sound investments you can make!

Solar panels

Solar power systems create clean, renewable energy from the sun’s rays, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Harmful emissions from fossil fuels — including sources of traditional electricity — is the No. 1 contributor to global warming and poor air quality. Solar panels produce energy that is 100% free of greenhouse gas emissions, and the positive impact from even just one home is incredible. For example, having solar panels installed on your house for just five years usually offsets 25,498 pounds of coal burned or 2,689 gallons of gasoline consumed.

Decra Roofing

Fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal account for 71% of energy consumption. In addition to contributing to poor air and water quality and global warming, these fuels are non-renewable — when they are gone, they are gone. This means that prices for fossil fuels depend on supply and demand as well as global political and economic forces. Solar, on the other hand is completely renewable energy. And, as solar technology has advanced, this powerful energy source has become exponentially effective and affordable. Solar truly is the energy of today and of the future.


Residential solar panels have long outgrown their former reputation as the clunky property of environmental fanatics. Today, eco-friendly home construction and energy use is widely valued, and solar-powered homes are in demand as homeowners have deemed solar panels to be stylish and a must-have in desirable homes for decades to come.


Solar panels now boast high-end looks that integrate seamlessly with modern architecture. Lifetime Roof & Solar offers a range of mounting and design options to fit your home and needs, including panels on roofs, garages, carports, ground mounts, and pole mounts.

installing solar panels