Your Home Got Hammered With Hail.
What to do next?

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The first step is to get us out there to help you with your insurance claim.  We will walk you through how to file a hail damage claim. Make sure you get your claim number!

Your insurance company will schedule an adjuster to come to your home to provide an insurance scope for the cost of repairs.  We will be on site during this install to ensure the insurance company is fair to you.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate!

Contact Us for a Free Estimate!

We respond quickly to inquiries and will get one of our qualified team members out to inspect your damage or roofing needs. We’ll answer any questions you have and walk you through initiating an insurance claim, too.

To fully understand your claim, you need to be aware of ACV, RCV, Depreciation, & Deductible: 

Our Commitment to Customer Service is Unmatched!

At Lifetime Roof & Solar, we employ insurance claim specialists in-house to make sure we maximize your insurance claim.  The purpose of filing an insurance claim is to restore your property to ‘pre-storm’ conditions.  We aim to do better.  We want to get you as much as possible to make the repairs and give you the option for upgrades.   It is not uncommon for our insurance claim specialists to increase an insurance claim by 20, 30 or even 50 percent.  We utilize all of the tools available to us to identify your current products, find and prove damage, and work on your behalf to get what you deserve.

We speak their language. Our specialists have years of experience working with insurance adjusters and we know how they think. To be honest, the adjusters job is to pay you as little as possible.  We fight to make sure that doesn’t happen.  We know their pricing software, their claim and policy requirements and we work with them to make sure you get what you need.

Happy customers with insurance claims:


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